Organisational change plan

Organisational change plan
Development of an organizational change plan to address a key issue faced by a selected organization.

B. R. Richardson Timber Products Corporation case study available from LEO
For your selected organisation, identify, through a diagnostic process, a major issue which you believe needs to be changed. You should explain why you believe the change is needed and clearly define the problem or issue to be addressed. You will then develop an organizational change plan that addresses this issue and so aims to achieve an outcome consistent with the intended aims and objectives of your change program.
Your plan should consider the various issues and potential barriers that you (as a change manager) would face when planning and implementing your proposed change/s. Importantly, your change intervention strategies should acknowledge the factors which are critical for successful implementation.
Apart from John Kotter’s “8-Step Process for Leading Change”, the other issues, you should consider are:
 What/who are the primary targets of your change program?
 The internal and external factors which could influence successful implementation of the change
 Appropriate change intervention strategies and actions
 The activities contributing to effective change in Figure 5.5, p.156 of your text.
 An implementation process and who will be involved in this process
 The resources necessary for the effective implementation of the changes
 The client/s to whom you would need to present your action plan and the actions you would take in order to secure their support
 Expected resistance to the change (who, when, why, how, etc.) and how to overcome such resistance
 The measures you would use to evaluate the success of the planned changes
Posted on LEO is a suggested format and some questions you should consider when developing your change plan. (You are not bound to use this.)
Your report should meet the following requirements:
 Integrate relevant theory and the evidence from the organisational situation.
 Demonstrate an understanding of relevant change management theories, models, and concepts covered in the course, i.e. apply relevant theory correctly.
 Justify each of your arguments and decisions.
 Spell out any assumptions made.
 Consider alternatives and ensure internal consistency in assessing the key issues, e.g. don’t say ‘X’ is the major problem and then make recommendations related to ‘Y’.
 Provide evidence of appropriate reading beyond the textbook.
 Acknowledge all sources, using correct refer

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